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  • Pencils, no. 2, sharpened, Dixon Oriole, dozen 12 oack

    Pala Supply Company Pencils no. 2 sharpened 12 ct box Dixon Oriole

    Pencils, #2, sharpened, Oriole, wood, dozen box ; Brand: Dixon


  • Eraser pink papermate bevel large

    Pala Supply Company Eraser Pink Pearl large

    Keep your writing neat and error-free with the Paper Mate Pink Pearl Eraser (Large)! This classic pink eraser is a favorite among students, artists, and anyone who needs a reliable tool for clean erasing. The Dependable Pink Pearl: Large Size: The 2-3/8" x 1-1/8" x 5/8" size offers ample surface area for tackling big erasing jobs. Smudge-Resistant: The latex-free rubber material minimizes smudging, ensuring your corrections are clean and your work stays crisp. Easy Grip: The comfortable size and shape allow for easy maneuvering and precise erasing. Pink Pearl Design: The iconic pink pearl design adds a touch of fun to your school supplies. Perfect for Everyday Use: Students: Easily erase mistakes in homework, tests, or class notes. Artists: Clean up pencil lines in sketches or drawings without damaging the paper. Test Taking: Make confident corrections on standardized tests or exams. Everyday Writing: Correct small errors in notes, documents, or written assignments. The Paper Mate Pink Pearl Eraser (Large) is a versatile and reliable choice for anyone who values clean and error-free work. Add a touch of nostalgia to your school supplies or office essentials! Order yours today!


  • Eraser Pink Bevel Latex Free Medium Size

    Pala Supply Company Eraser Pink Bevel Latex Free Medium Size

    Say goodbye to unwanted marks and hello to clean corrections! The Best in Class Pink Beveled Eraser (Medium Size) is the perfect tool for students, artists, and anyone who needs to keep their work looking its best. Clean Erasing Power: Precise Beveled Edge: The angled design allows for pinpoint erasing, targeting specific areas without smudging surrounding marks. Latex-Free Design: Ideal for those with latex allergies or sensitivities. Medium Size (2.5" x 1") This eraser offers a comfortable grip and sufficient size for tackling most erasing tasks. Gentle on Paper: Made with a soft, smudge-proof material that effectively removes pencil marks without damaging the paper. Perfect for: Students: Keep schoolwork neat and error-free. Artists: Precisely erase unwanted pencil lines or charcoal marks from sketches and drawings. Test Taking: Cleanly remove mistakes on standardized tests or exams. Everyday Use: Correct small errors in notes, documents, or written assignments. The Best in Class Pink Beveled Eraser is a reliable and versatile tool for anyone who wants to maintain clean and professional-looking work. Order yours today!


  • Eraser pencil cap top 20 pack

    Pala Supply Company Erasers pencil cap 20 pack pink

    Looking for a convenient and adorable way to erase mistakes? Look no further than the Best In Class Pink Pencil Cap Erasers! This pack of 20 bright pink erasers is the perfect way to add a touch of fun to your writing supplies while keeping them protected. Here's why these pencil cap erasers are a great choice: Double Duty: These erasers act as both a cap and an eraser, saving you space and keeping your pencil tip protected from damage. Clean Erasing: The effective erasers remove pencil marks cleanly and easily. Convenient Size: The small size fits snugly on most standard pencils, ensuring a secure fit. Bulk Pack: This 20-pack provides a great value and keeps you stocked up for the long haul. Fun & Functional: The bright pink color adds a touch of personality while keeping your pencils protected. Perfect for students, artists, or anyone who uses pencils! Add a pop of pink and functionality to your writing experience. Order your 20-pack of Best In Class Pink Pencil Cap Erasers today!


  • dry erase board eraser

    Pala Supply Company eraser for dry erase board

    Eraser for dry erase boards ; Brand: Best In Class


  • Eraser, art gum

    Pala Supply Company Eraser art gum regular

    Artists, rejoice! The Dixon Art Gum Eraser (Regular Size) is your perfect partner for achieving flawless drawings and sketches. This soft, kneadable eraser is designed to gently lift away graphite and charcoal marks, leaving your artwork clean and undamaged. Embrace the Art of Erasing: Soft & Gentle: The art gum material provides a soft touch, ideal for erasing delicate pencil and charcoal marks without smudging or scratching the paper. Kneadable Design: The unique property of art gum allows you to mold it into a point for precise erasures or flatten it for broader coverage. Picks Up Dust & Particles: The eraser acts like a magnet, lifting and absorbing graphite dust and particles, keeping your work area clean. Regular Size: This versatile size (approximately 1 inch cube) offers comfortable handling and control. The Dixon Art Gum Eraser is an essential tool for any artist who wants to achieve a clean, professional finish. Order yours today and unleash your creativity!


  • Eraser white magic rub

    Pala Supply Company Eraser vinyl magic rub large white

    Tired of eraser smudges and torn paper? The Dixon Magic Rub Vinyl Eraser is here to save the day! This large, white vinyl eraser is designed for artists and anyone who needs to make clean, precise erasures on delicate surfaces. Say Goodbye to Eraser Frustration: Magic Rub Technology: The specially formulated vinyl material gently absorbs and lifts graphite and even some ink, without damaging the paper underneath. Large Size: The generous 2-1/4" x 1" x 7/16" size provides ample surface area for erasing larger areas or multiple marks. Clean Errasing: Magic Rub erasers minimize smudging and leave behind minimal residue, ensuring your work stays crisp and clean. White Design: Offers a clean look and blends well with most paper colors The Dixon Magic Rub Vinyl Eraser is an essential tool for anyone who values clean and precise erasing. Order yours today and experience the magic of effortless corrections!



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