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  • dry erase markers expo 4 pack chisel tip low odor

    Pala Supply Company Expo® Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip, 4 Pack Thick Size, Primary Colors

    Express yourself clearly and confidently with these Expo® Low Odor Dry Erase Markers featuring a thick chisel tip. Ideal for bold lines and detailed marking, they're perfect for classrooms, offices, or home use.Here's why you'll love them:Thick chisel tip: Creates bold lines and versatile strokes, ideal for charts, presentations, and brainstorming. Low odor formula: Safe for sensitive noses and ideal for shared spaces. Quick-drying ink: Prevents smudging and ghosting, keeping your messages clear. Vivid colors: Black, Red, Green, and Blue stand out for maximum impact. Non-toxic and AP certified: Safe for children and adults alike. Smooth writing experience: Ensures consistent ink flow for effortless communication. Upgrade your dry erase game with Expo® Low Odor Markers! They're perfect for: Teachers: Captivate students and create clear visuals on whiteboards. Businesses: Make dynamic presentations and brainstorm ideas effectively. Families: Engage in creative learning and communication at home. Anyone who wants to make a bold statement: Express yourself clearly and without harsh fumes. Order your pack of 4 markers today and experience the difference!


  • dry erase markers 4 pack universal

    Pala Supply Company Dry Erase Marker, Broad Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 4/Set

    Bring your ideas to life with these vibrant Dry Erase Markers featuring a broad chisel tip! This 4-pack offers a range of colors to energize your presentations, brainstorming sessions, or classroom lessons. Here's what makes them stand out: Bold & Expressive: The broad chisel tip lets you create thick lines and impactful text, perfect for grabbing attention and highlighting key points. Rich Color Palette: Express yourself with a variety of vibrant colors that lay down evenly, ensuring your ideas stand out. Clean Communication: The ink dries quickly and erases cleanly without smudging, keeping your message clear and your whiteboard pristine. Versatile Use: Use them on any dry-erase surface, including whiteboards, melamine boards, ceramic, glass, and more. Classroom-Friendly: The low-odor formula minimizes distractions and creates a healthy learning environment. These Dry Erase Markers are perfect for: Teachers: Enhance lesson plans and engage students with dynamic visuals. Students: Make presentations, brainstorm ideas, and practice problem-solving with bold colors. Office Professionals: Spark creative collaboration and keep meetings focused with clear, impactful visuals. Order your 4-Pack of Dry Erase Markers today and let your ideas take center stage!


  • Double Sided Dry Erase Learning Board w/ Marker 9 x 12

    Pala Supply Company Double Sided Dry Erase Learning Board w/ Marker 9 x 12

    Boost your child's learning at home or in the classroom with the Double-Sided Dry Erase Learning Board! This versatile board offers two surfaces to unleash creativity and practice essential skills: Lined Side: Perfect for practicing writing letters, numbers, or even drawing lines and shapes. Blank Side: A clean canvas for brainstorming ideas, solving math problems, or creating fun drawings and games. More than Just Dry Erase: Crayon Friendly: The board doubles as a handy surface for drawing with crayons, offering even more creative possibilities. Travel-Ready: The compact 9" x 12" size makes it easy to take on the go, keeping kids entertained and learning during car rides or at restaurants. Easy Cleaning: Simply wipe the board clean with a soft cloth (not included) for a fresh start on a new learning adventure. Includes: Double-Sided Dry Erase Board Black Fine Tip Dry Erase Marker The Double-Sided Dry Erase Learning Board is the perfect tool for: Writing practice Math drills Drawing and games Interactive learning activities Help your child develop essential skills and have fun while learning! Order your Double-Sided Dry Erase Learning Board today!



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