Bridgepoint Early Learning Academy - Houston

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Bridgepoint Early Learning Academy - Houston
  • Order prepackaged school supply packs by grade below.
  • Order packs for next school year grade, 2021-2022.
  • Each pack includes the specific school supply items requested by your school INCLUDING name brand items like Crayola, Elmer's, Dixon and more.
  • Enter your student's name(s) on item page.
  • Each pack includes a BONUS $10.00 gift certificate for the Best In Class online store.
  • Your student's pack will be delivered to the school and will be available for pick up according to the school's information or on the first day of classes.
  • Any additional items purchased from this online store (backpack, lunch tote, student planner, book covers, etc) will be delivered to the school at the same time as the student's school supply pack.
  • Thank you, have a super summer break!
  • 3rd Grade GIRL School Supply Pack - Oak Ridge ES

    Pala Supply Company Infant - 18 months School Supply Pack - Bridgepoint Academy

    The prepackaged school supply pack will be delivered to the school ready for the first day of classes, unless otherwise noted. Your student's pack contains the exact items selected and approved by the teachers at your school. Note: the products pictured on this page are a representation of the type of items included and not the exact pack your student will receive.



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